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The Marvel Role Perfect For Gal Gadot After Wonder Woman Exit Is A Major World War Hulk Character

After Wonder Woman in DCEU, Gal Gadot should step into the MCU as this crucial World War Hulk character that is more than perfect for her.


  • Gal Gadot’s future in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is uncertain, as there have been no reports or rumors of her continuing the role of Wonder Woman.
  • While she hasn’t confirmed her return, Gadot has expressed her love for the superhero genre and hinted that she would love to play a superhero again, possibly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Gal Gadot proved her tremendous acting prowess when she starred as Wonder Woman in the DCEU. Her portrayal was regarded by fans as near perfect, with her dedication to the role drawing immense praise. However, her DC future seems to be over for there have been no reports, confirmation, or even rumors of her continuing the role.

gal gadot (via her instagram)
Gal Gadot (via her Instagram)

With the DC reboot already happening, it feels as if the studio has quietly said goodbye to the actress. While Gadot hasn’t revealed if she will be back as Diana Prince, she did once exclaim she loved the superhero genre, perhaps hinting that she would love to play a superhero again, elsewhere. And where better it is for her to play a superhero other than the MCU? And so here is one World War Hulk character that would be more than perfect for her.

Perfect Marvel Character For Gal Gadot After Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot proved her prowess in a superhero role when she starred as Diana Prince in DCEU. But with her DC future in limbo, it is but natural for the actress to make her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe especially since she is all too fond of the superhero genre (via RSNG).

She further stated in the interview that she enjoys ‘the feeling of power and leaning on fantasy adventure‘, hinting that she is more inclined towards strong superhero characters. And so what better character is there for her to portray than the Sakaaran warrior Caiera the Oldstrong?

An important character from the Planet Hulk timeline, she eventually falls in love with Hulk after his exile to Sakaar by the Illuminati. With Marvel already dropping hints of a World War Hulk narrative, Gadot would be more than an excellent choice for the role of Caiera.

Caiera is depicted as a strong-willed character, going the extra mile to protect her people, a character not too different from Wonder Woman. However, with her being more dark and complex than her DC role, the character would help her to show a different side of herself while also helping her to make a strong MCU debut.

Marvel Could Benefit Greatly From Gal Gadot’s Perfect MCU Casting

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has already revealed how her potential MCU casting would be and among the plethora of MCU characters fans want her to star in, there is nothing more perfect than the character of Caiera the Oldstrong. From her strong physical resemblance to her athletic build, Gadot can help Marvel bring yet another perfect live version of a comic book character to the big screen.

Since the Heart of Stone actress is also an impeccable actress, with an amazing emotional range, she is the perfect cast for the deeply multifaceted character. Not to mention her huge global appeal and an already established fan base could help Marvel revive audience curiosity, enabling the studio to potentially climb up the global charts again after its recent failures at the box office.

With Marvel greatly in need of a fresh narrative and some audience-alluring elements, Gal Gadot’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe could become the one thing the studio desperately needs.

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