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John Wick with Ana de Armas: info, casting, release… Everything you need to know about the Ballerina spin-off

After “John Wick 4” and the prequel series “The Contintental”, the saga will continue in 2024 with the spin-off “Ballerina” carried by Ana de Armas. Here’s what we know about the film directed by Len Wiseman (“Die Hard 4”).

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers for the third and fourth films in the “John Wick” saga. Please move on if you haven’t seen them.

Launched in 2014 in cinemas, the John Wick saga continues to expand. After the fourth film led by Keanu Reeves, then the prequel series The Continental visible on Prime Video, the franchise will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a spin-off: Ballerina, which will explore one of the branches of the mythology presented in the third feature film .

Release date: when is Ballerina released? Where can we see it?

The film does not yet have a release date in France. Directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld, Die Hard 4), it is scheduled for June 7, 2024 in the United States, and it would not be surprising to see it arrive two days before in France. At the cinema, our theaters have so far hosted all the feature films directed by Keanu Reeves.

Cast: Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves… Who plays in Ballerina?

His short but memorable appearance in the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, was a revelation. Ana de Armas has since moved on to action roles and, after The Gray Man and Ghosted, Ballerina will give her the opportunity to prove her talent in this area a little more. In the shoes of a young killer who follows in the footsteps of her family’s killers.

If her real name has not been revealed, we already know that she will have been dragged behind the scenes of the Tarkovsky Theater by the Director, who manages the New York branch of Ruska Roma, one of the organizations criminals that we come across in the mythology of John Wick. Played by Anjelica Huston in the third film, she will be back in Ballerina.

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What if Ballerina’s heroine was hiding in John Wick 3?

Just like Keanu Reeves, whose screen time has not been clearly defined. Will it be a cameo? Of an act of history that looks like a passing of the baton? Or will it be central to the story? Unless we only meet him in the corridors of the Continental Hotel, in the company of Lance Reddick (Charon) and Ian McShane (Winston), other familiar faces from the saga announced in the casting.

As for the new guys, Norman Reedus will come face opponents who are more mobile and alive than the zombies of The Walking Dead (in the role of the villain of the story?). Gabriel Byrne will add a little talent and charisma to an ensemble that already does not lack it. Frenchwoman Anne Parillaud will also be in the casting according to IMDB. And Abraham Popoola, seen in The Marvels and Morbius, will join another franchise.

The story: what does Ballerina tell? When does the film take place?

Officially, Ballerina is about a “young woman raised as an assassin sets out in search of her family’s murderers”. But John Wick viewers come less for the plot than for the fight, and it should be the same with this opus. Of which we know nothing about the side “action”.

Unless there is a desire for unity, Len Wiseman’s direction will undoubtedly be different from that of Chad Stahelski, director of the first four films.

Going in a different direction would also be the best option for this spin-off to find its own identity. And the fact that the heroine grew up in a dance environment will perhaps allow the fight choreographies to lean towards ballet.

Did you like her for 15 minutes (at James Bond)? You will love it for two hours!

Today the real question is more “When” that “What”. Anjelica Huston’s character dies in John Wick 3, and those of Lance Reddick and Keanu Reeves in 4 (even if we can have big doubts about the second). If all three actors are in the cast of Ballerina, then it could take place earlier in the past.

Between the second and third film? Or in parallel with the events of a feature film, like Jason Bourne – Legacy did in relation to the central saga carried by Matt Damon? Response, no later than June 2024.

But producer Basil Iwanyk has already announced the color regarding Ana de Armas: “Did you love it for 15 minutes (James Bond)? You’ll love it for two hours!”

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