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Keanu Reeves reveals he felt ‘honored’ interviewing Bernie Ecclestone amidst $492 million tax fraud scandal for his Disney+ show

'Brawn GP: The Impossible Formula 1 Story' host Keanu Reeves talked about his experience interviewing Bernie Ecclestone and all the other heavyweight F1 personalities attached to the team.

Formula One has captured the attention of Hollywood more than once in recent times. The franchise is the focus of a new Apple TV project starring Brad Pitt that will be produced by Lewis Hamilton. And only last year, a Netflix docuseries on Michael Schumacher was also released which starred the legendary German racer’s son Mick talking about his father’s current condition. But all of this kicked off after Netflix produced ‘Drive to Survive’, a first-of-its-kind documentary show that gave the audience access to the paddock stories of the F1 personalities.

Drawing inspiration from the wild success of Drive to Survive and the several other projects coming up revolving around Formula 1, Disney+ dove into a project based on Brawn GP. The show, starring ‘Matrix: Reloaded’ star Keanu Reeves, is a mini-series titled ‘Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 story’. It will focus on the team’s 2009 Championship win and will consist of 4 episodes. Expected to release on November 15, the show will have Reeves interviewing several personalities including Bernie Ecclestone as they talk about the 2009 season.

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Former F1 owner Ecclestone is known to be a heavily private person. And especially now, one would think it is not the best time to talk to the 93-year-old as he is currently embroiled in a tax fraud case because of his Singapore estates. He openly admitted to hiding some facts about his offshore property in Singapore worth $492 million in his tax documents for the HMRC. This has landed him a penalty of about £652 million ($797 million approx.). But Keanu Reeves claimed he is honored that the former F1 supremo placed his trust on him and spoke about Brawn GP.

Keanu Reeves also mentions what his vision is for the upcoming Brawn GP-based show

Speaking on the Brawn GP show that has Keanu Reeves interviewing the various F1 personalities who witnessed the team’s 2009 win, the actor revealed he always remained ‘enthusiastic’ during his conversations. He also talked about how he wanted the show to turn out and how he got people like Bernie Ecclestone to open up to him.

Keanu Reeves talking to Jenson Button for the Brawn GP show (via Twitter)
I wanted to be trustworthy, and I wanted this show (Brawn GP: The Impossible Formula 1 Story) to be respectful to everyone and (their) point of view. And hopefully people felt that and we could have a good conversation.

Keanue Reeves said on his interview for ‘Off the Ball’.

In other news, Lewis Hamilton’s proposed Apple TV show with Brad Pitt at its helm shot some scenes at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix weekend. The film, supposed to be titled ‘Apex’, faced some obstacles with the Hollywood SAG’s strike that stalled various movie projects. It is not yet clear when the movie will release and if it will go into post-production in the coming months.

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