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Anne Hathaway reveals the moment she knew her partner was the man of her life

To celebrate a wedding anniversary properly, some people don’t hesitate to think big. But sometimes, a little evening between spouses can just as easily be the perfect way to celebrate a union. This is what recently happened to Anne Hathaway and her husband, actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman, married since September 29, 2012 and parents of Jonathan, born March 24, 2016, and Jack, born in November 2019. The actress told this story to host Seth Meyers on his show.

A simple sleepover and series

In the Late Night with Seth Meyers, Anne Hathaway shared how she and her husband celebrated 11 years of marriage. At first, the lovebirds, living in New York, wanted to go out on the town. Problem: the weather. Torrential rains have indeed fallen on the Big Apple in recent days, forcing them to review their plans. The couple then opted for a simple evening, during which the actress realized how her husband was perfect for her.

“We got back into our pajamas,” laughed Anne Hathaway. The two lovers then snuggled up together on the sofa and started watching series. “I had a moment where I was curled up on his chest, and as we started our third hour of watchingAbbott ElementaryI said to myself: ‘I’m so happy.’ He’s definitely the right guy for me.”explained the actress with a huge smile.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman met in November 2008. Before that, the actress was in a relationship with Raffaello Follieri, a real estate agent who turned out to be a scammer, and who was sentenced to four and a half years prison for misuse of corporate assets, embezzlement for personal use and use of forgery. The actress broke up a few weeks before this affair was revealed.

In March 2017, in an interview given to the American version of the magazine She, Anne Hathaway explained to what extent her relationship with the father of her two children had calmed her. “It changed my ability to be comfortable in the world. I think it’s okay now to say that as women we don’t need anyone. But I need my husband. His love changed me“.

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