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7 Stunning Pics From Megan Fox’s Inspiring Cover Photoshoot in the Dominican Republic

The prolific actress shared honest reflections while on the set of her tropical feature with SI Swimsuit.

American actress Megan Fox took to the cover of the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue, and used the opportunity to share her honest reflections on her own experience with self-perception. During her trip to the Dominican Republic with photographer Greg Swales, the 37-year-old posed for some stunning photos and opened up about her background and personal struggles.

“I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me,” she admitted while on set. “The journey of loving myself is gonna be never-ending, I think.”

Her honesty about past and present struggles with self-perception was certainly laudable. But, in addition to that honesty, the actress proved herself a talented model, posing for a series of incredible snapshots throughout the trip. According to Fox, the job got easier as the day wore on and she became more comfortable with what was being asked of her.

“I’m not sure what the expectations were, but as the day unfolded, it’s become easier and I’ve opened up and I feel like we’re hitting a groove,” she said.

It helped, too, that the Tennessee native feels most comfortable in nature, the set of her fabulous cover photoshoot. “When I’m in nature and I’m in my youthful awe of life, that’s when I feel by far the most myself,” she said.

Below are seven of our favorite photos from the day.

Megan Fox stands in front of the palm trees in a colorful beaded bikini top, cream bottoms and a body chain.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox poses in a high-cut red and pink one-piece among the vibrant green plants.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox poses among the palm branches in a pink and green beaded bikini set and gold body chain.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox poses between wooden walls in a brown leather bikini set.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox poses in a baby cropped tee and black high-waisted bottoms in front of palm trees.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox poses on the beach in pale pink bikini bottoms and a shell-inspired bikini top.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Megan Fox leans against a wooden wall in a brown string bikini.

Greg Swales/Sports Illustrated

Now through Nov. 1, 100% of SI Swimsuit’s portion of proceeds from cover prints purchased here will be donated to the Maui Strong Fund, which is helping to support the people and places of Maui affected by the recent wildfires.

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