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Keanu Reeves Stars in ‘John Wick’ with the Most Expensive Dog Poop in History

Directors of the hit film ‘John Wick’, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, recently revealed an interesting tidbit about the making of the movie. It turns out that creating a small yet crucial scene featuring the dog’s poop cost an astounding $5,000.

In the first ‘John Wick’ film, the titular character played by Keanu Reeves seeks revenge for the death of his beloved dog, killed by the son of a notorious gangster. While the focus of the story is on Wick’s skills and determination, the attention to detail by the directors is truly remarkable.

During an interview for the Blu-Ray edition of ‘John Wick’, Leitch and Stahelski explained the challenges they faced when it came to recreating the dog’s droppings. They revealed that due to the nature of the scene, they had to resort to using CGI to accurately depict the animal’s poop. This seemingly simple task proved to be quite a feat, as getting the shot just right took numerous attempts.

The directors confessed that they even tried giving the puppy laxatives in order to capture the necessary footage naturally. However, this approach did not yield the desired results, leading them to rely on the expertise of a special effects company. Ultimately, they struck a deal for a staggering $5,000 to create the CGI dog poop.

Stahelski admitted that the experience was far from easy, as getting the visuals perfect took a considerable amount of time and effort. They tinkered with the scene for a while until they were satisfied with the final outcome. Interestingly, this detail went unnoticed by viewers for years until it was brought to light by the Slash Film website.

In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stahelski shed some light on the decision to kill off the puppy in the film. He explained that the idea of killing the dog was constantly debated during the production process. Ultimately, they felt that this impactful event was essential to the story’s mythological nature.

Stahelski elaborated, stating that they wanted the audience to understand the symbolic significance of the dog’s death. The directors intentionally pushed boundaries and decided not to prioritize realism in this instance. Despite this, they felt a tremendous amount of pressure, both financially and emotionally, as they took on the responsibility of making such a bold move.

The directors even went as far as risking their personal finances, including credit cards and mortgages, to bring their vision to life. Stahelski revealed that producer Basil Iwanyk had started his own company, making it all the more daunting to take such a risk. The realization that they were investing so much into a film where a puppy dies weighed heavily on their minds.

In the end, the decision paid off, as ‘John Wick’ became a massive success and spawned a franchise loved by fans worldwide. The film’s attention to detail, even in seemingly minor aspects like the CGI dog poop, is a testament to the dedication of its creators.

While ‘John Wick’ will always be remembered for its intense action sequences and Keanu Reeves’ mesmerizing performance, the knowledge that a small scene featuring dog poop cost a hefty sum adds another layer of intrigue to an already captivating film.

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