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Keanu Reeves Called ‘Out Of Shape’ In Shirtless Photos

Beloved actor Keanu Reeves showcased his adventurous spirit during a boat day in Capri, Italy. The “John Wick: Chapter 4” star, accompanied by his sister Kim, embraced the scenic waters as he indulged in various water activities.

Reeves appeared to be in high spirits, sipping champagne while sitting on the boat’s deck. He then demonstrated his physical prowess by leaping into the ocean from the boat’s side, displaying perfect form as he dived. The actor, known for his modest demeanor and action-packed roles, went shirtless for the outing, wearing khaki-colored swim trunks that highlighted his laid-back yet athletic style.

After his swim, Reeves playfully hosed himself down with water, adding to the relaxed and carefree atmosphere of the day. While the actor’s adventurous spirit was on full display, his girlfriend Alexandra Grant was notably absent from the trip. Reeves and Grant, a visual artist, have been in a relationship for some time, with their last public appearance together occurring at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2023 Gala in Los Angeles.

Keanu Reeves, aged 58, remains a beloved figure in the entertainment world due to his versatile roles and down-to-earth personality. His recent escapades in Italy, enjoying the ocean and quality time with family, offer a glimpse into his more private and carefree moments outside of his busy acting career.



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