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Gal Gadot back in action with Agent Stone

in voice Gal Gadot there’s something electric between our chat and the worldwide trailer for Agent Stone V TODUM is an annual event that Netflix is celebrating in São Paulo, Brazil to offer a preview of their news – it’s only been three days and the actress is upbeat and nothing else.

His excitement, apparently caused by the premiere of his New film– is perceived as static filling the environment. It’s no less. The tape that arrives on August 11 on the platform streaming In his own words, this is an “extremely special project” as it is the first big blockbusters which an Israeli woman produces with her husband, Jaron Varsano, for pilot wavea company they founded in 2019 with the goal of “helping materialize stories that inspire.”

The movie is also new. approach to action, a genre he knows and loves—and which has been the guiding thread of his career marked by success—; but in this case, she took the physical, interpretive and creative demands to new heights through her involvement as a producer on the project.

Before we start talking about the race against the clock, Gal he takes the time to say hello and introduce himself, deliberately ignoring the fact that his identity is in the public domain. His courtesy seems to confirm what has been said about his charisma, but when the tape recorder begins to record his first words, rumors about his magnetic personality disappear. Gadot requires minimal effort to eclipse. All right.

But why such a good mood? Is the bond pledged as a project implemented with a man she has been married to for almost 15 years? Are they a frank desire to share the work of such ambitious claims with its thousands of followers around the world? Or is it the adrenaline refusing to leave his veins after the noise that his presence in the lands of São Paulo caused? Anything that fuels your words this afternoon is uplifting.


“This is the first big work I’ve done with Jaron, it’s very important to me.”

“Choose Agent Stone since my next project was pretty simple,” he says of the tape, which required over three years of work since he took over the project from Varsano and with the support of dance from the sky And Netflixa company that once again relies on its talent for one of its largest productions, after their union in red alert. “I like films that have a lot of suspense and tension, with twists and turns that throw away everything you thought about the story and only make it clear that you didn’t really understand anything. The realization that this cassette, the first one that I release with my husband, is exactly like this, fills me with happiness.”

And continues: “Agent Stone it was what he always wanted to do. I love the action/spy genre and the fact that it’s so personal makes it even more special.”

Mission unlikely but not impossible

Officially, an Israeli company boasted a loan for the first time director it was in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), however, and despite the fact that it is about a saga and a character that put it on top of the world, she herself makes clear the new sensations that Agent Stone He took with him. “This time I was doing other things that were not only about acting, but also about producing,” he shares. “Do you know what I liked the most?” he asks me without intending to answer. “Definitely how hectic it all was.”

“We filmed it movie in more than five different locations around the world and it was absolutely amazing. I have never been bored, and I dare say that others have not been either, ”he says on behalf of the participants in the production. “It was electric and very invigorating. It was amazing to see what we have achieved and to have this experience.”

But if the grueling physical training or the intimidating logistics of moving a film of this magnitude across Europe wasn’t a challenge, what was? “I would say find the right person to make the franchise a hallmark of management,” he muses.

The “new” producer took the task very seriously and helped find the right person to complete the task. The search led her to Tom HarperBritish director nominated for a BAFTA award for his work on wild Rose (2018), who ended up being his biggest accomplice during this adventure film. “One of the reasons I was so excited to work with Tom is because he made amazing films (…) but what attracted me most about him was a little movie he made called wild Rose with Jessie Buckley.

A film about the emotional journey of an Englishwoman to become a star a countryworld-famous thanks to the dumbbell between Buckley (Lost daughter2021; women talk2022) and Harper, a director with a deep understanding of character and an unconditional involvement in projects ranging from drama and horror to musicals and biopic.


“I love the action/spy genre and the fact that it’s so personal makes it even more special.”

“It was a very small and specific theme for the film (…) but it was so character-focused that I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to bring someone who is so dedicated to the characters and their development into this? such an ambitious and explosive filmwith the action and everything connected with it? explains actress Gal Gadotshowing how decisive his vote was in such an important election.

“That was very important to me, I wanted to make sure we didn’t start filming the project before we had a well-defined script, and to make sure that the characters were really there and that the relationship between them was authentic. This is what was most important to me,” he emphasizes. “I knew he (Harper) could bring beautiful storytelling to our film, and he did.”

But Tom is not the only one who received the go-ahead and received unanimous trust. Now flattery has changed its purpose and now has in mind who was another one of her couples in this adventure: Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan. “He is very talented and quite versatile. Having such a person as a stage partner and generally working with him is incredible. When you shoot such big projects for months and travel the world, your partners on the set become like a second family to you. If you didn’t really enjoy this part of the journey with them, it might not have been worth it.”

The trip was not only Harper and Dornan, but also a famous British actress of Indian origin, Alia Bhatt; outstanding English actress, Sophie Okonedoand one of my favorite faces Netflix: German Matthias Schwighofer, among others. “We all enjoyed this trip. We had a lot of fun on set and just enjoyed working on this film. We had such great chemistry and love for each other that it mattered. If you ask me, it was worth it.”

Her name is Stone, Rachel Stone.

Count on star roles in mega industries How amazing woman And red alert It’s not something everyone boasts on their resume; however, it seems that Gal Gadot maintains an eternal romance with big budget fighters. With production running from January to July last year, filming in Italy, London, Reykjavik, Morocco and Lisbon, Agent Stone this is a project the newest addition to his growing list blockbusters.


“Without characters and strong drama, there can’t be a good action movie, that was a priority for me in this film.”

In the film, Gal embodies Super Spy Rachel Stoneinternational intelligence agent who is entrusted secret mission very important: to protect a mysterious but very powerful artifact so that it does not fall into the wrong hands and thus avoid a global catastrophe. The order was pure gold for the actress. “This movie has Lots of action and we had to prepare for months and months. However, in a sense, I feel that this is not new to me, I am well acquainted with this,” says an Israeli woman known for her commitment to such challenges.

Fast-paced car and motorbike chases, challenging hand-to-hand combat and risky trick worthy of any action saga what comes to mind is a special focus on one of the opening sequences in which Gal plays the lead role in a perilous descent in the Italian Alps – these are just some of the difficult scenes Gadot played in filming this film that aspires to be franchise in pure style Mission impossible or James Bond.

“I feel alone movie secondly, the bar for me is getting higher and higher. For Agent Stone the rate was definitely higher, but we were lucky to have an incredible team of specialists in trick, who taught and guided us at all times, making sure we did everything right and safe, and bringing out the best in us when it seemed we couldn’t do it,” he says.

Just like when Justin Lin entrusted her to give life to the deadly ex-agent Gisele Yashar in the saga of fast and furious – a role that came to him thanks to the military training he received in the past, when, at the age of 20, he served in Israel Defense Forces as a martial arts instructor – and just like when Patty Jenkins called her to play superheroine The biggest in the DC Universe, Gal didn’t flippantly play super spy Rachel Stone. Which is curious considering that (as he revealed in 2017 on the Awards Chatter podcast) one of the first people he auditioned for was the Bond girl Olga Kurylenko played in 007: Quantum“I may not have understood it very clearly (taking on such a role), but I really liked this genre even before this project… Also, I always see myself doing different things. Shortly before filming this movie, I played the Evil Queen for Snow White, in the musical that Disney is preparing (…) I like to do everything. For me, it’s all about the script, the director, the role. It’s about how much the project challenges me. That’s what’s important to me. Not just genre or action.”

have your own action franchise is something Gado worries about, though he prefers to take things easy and leave the issue of succession in the hands of the game’s fans. spying on celluloid, a demographic that she considers herself to be, although she can’t decide on her favorites. “It’s hard to name a character or favorite seriesbut i love this genre James Bond And Mission impossible before Born. I think there are a lot of actors who have done a great job and I’m a big fan of them all. It’s inspiring,” he admits.

“And in your case, do you feel that you are paving the way for future generations of actresses who want to play the heroines of new action films on the screen,” I ask.

“I really don’t know, this is a question that should not be answered by me, but by others,” he says measuredly. “What I know for sure is that after success amazing womanI realized that there is more room for female-oriented militants and it gave me enough confidence to try to do something like this on my own,” continues the woman, who sympathizes with the idea that the Hollywood female wave, made up of actresses, directors and other professional women in the industry, will sweep away any hint of sexism. in entertainment. “If this record has the same effect on anyone else, I will consider myself well served,” he concludes.

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