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Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson are proof of the imperfect face of movie kissing

NEW YORK, NY – DEC 12: Actors Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon at the premiere of “We Bought a Zoo” at the Ziegfeld Theater on December 12, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Romance on the big screen wouldn’t be the same without the perfect kiss. A good kiss that conveys the romance and passion of a scene can give viewers goosebumps in seconds. For this, the chemistry of his main characters is not enough, it also requires the perfect light, the perfect angle, a certain lip technique between the sides and the appropriate setting. However, This is nothing more than a pure cinematic illusion, because sometimes unforeseen people sneak in and make things difficult.. AND Matt Damon he confirmed it the day he had to kiss Scarlett Johanssondefining experience ashell“.

The 52-year-old actor had to kiss a star black Widow in 2011 when filming zoo at home, comedy that tells the true story of a man who bought a dilapidated zoo after the death of his wife, knowing nothing about caring for animals. However, his memory is not at all pleasant, reflecting the fact that ordinary situations are brewing behind the scenes that even Hollywood stars cannot solve.

This is how he recalled it during an interview, accompanied by his classmate. Oppenheimer, Emily Blunt. At a meeting for LadBible they had to decide if they agreed with the various statements. And to the phrase “You should tell someone that he has bad breath,” both agreed, indicating that they would rather offer chewing gum than tell the person about the problem with the oral cavity.

Emily Blunt showed that there was “etiquette” that actors should brush their teeth and use mouthwash before filming intimate scenes. However, no matter how many rules they follow, Matt Damon couldn’t escape living in “hell” while kissing Scarlett Johansson.

“We did a double before lunch. It was a good two-camera shot that ended with a kiss. It was very good. We left for lunch and we both thought we were done. He ate an onion sandwich, came back (on set) and (director) Cameron Crowe had the camera lined up to get a close up of the kiss and he was like, “Oh shit, I literally just ate an onion sandwich!”

They went through with it anyway, and while Matt Damon spent the entire scene making fun of his partner’s bad breath, we never really noticed it in the movie. On the contrary, they captured the classic movie kiss like two professionals:


However, they were not the only ones who faced the same problem. For example, Alec Baldwin said it “hurt” kissing Jennifer Aniston 30rock, who at that time smoked and was a coffee addict (huffington post), Bye Sandra Bullock handed out mints left and right in Forces of nature due to Ben Affleck’s alleged bad breath (Guardian).

On the other side, Rene Russo once confessed to me at a festival in Zurich, promoting deadly scoop What Mel Gibson was the best kissing actor in the industry, but also had horrible experience with Clint Eastwood during their love scenes in in the line of fire because of the garlic. He told me that they both agreed to eat it so as not to bother the other with bad breath. “But we were on hiatus and when I came back I got pregnant and we had to shoot the love scene. I couldn’t eat garlic because it disgusted me, but that day he ate it. It was terrible,” he said with a laugh.

Obviously, these are nothing more than funny anecdotes about the working day of actors. For them, whether in film, television or theatre, kissing is part of their job of editing a film, the emotions of the story and the interpretation envelop the viewer with enough illusion to believe us, get excited and pulsate with the love story we have in front of us. This cinematic magic has left us with some of the most unforgettable kisses in cinema, such as between Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams in the rain in Passion Diary or Scarlett Johansson And Jonathan Rhys Meyers V Match point.

However, that romantic perfection, which in many cases leads us to the deepest sighs, does not exist in real life. Onion breath or not.

“Kissing in a movie is a lot more technical than the public thinks,” Carey Mulligan told me when we talked about her kissing in a movie during the film’s premiere. Away from the maddening crowd. A period film in which their last kiss in the evening light lasted three days due to a horse accident that caused her to pass out in front of her partner Matthias Schoenaerts.

And he is absolutely right. For example, Tobey Maguire I couldn’t breathe when Kirsten Dunst he lowered his mask spider man kiss him in one of the most historic movie kisses. “I couldn’t breathe. The rain poured down my nose, and she kissed me, ”the actor explained. ETin 2002. “I couldn’t breathe through my mouth and had to hold my breath while kissing her.”

“The environment was not as sexy, sweet and romantic as it seemed,” she added. On the other side, Helen Mirren spoke openly about how bad it was Harrison Ford kiss. “He can’t kiss,” he assured a BBC radio program in 1997 (via Chicago Tribune). “He finds it impossible to kiss on screen… And he’s probably not very good off-screen either.”

In the same time, Reese Witherspoon shared his ordeal when it came to kissing Robert Pattison V Elephant water because the actor caught a cold (In touch).

While I don’t want to spoil the magic of the movie for you, acting out the kiss isn’t as romantic as it sounds, with dozens of people silently watching, hoping that the kiss between two strangers or co-workers will be perfect so they can move on to the next scene. However, under the glamor of Hollywood and the illusion of the seventh art, stars are also not immune to the small inconveniences of real life. But in the case of actors, the show must go on…bad breath or not.

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