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Secret Invasion fans react to surprise Black Widow cameo in episode 5

Secret Invasion episode 5 spoilers ahead.

The penultimate episode of Marvel’s six-part thriller Secret Invasion reintroduced a familiar face from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

O-T Fagbenle last appeared as Rick Mason in the 2021 blockbuster Black Widow, which turned out to be Scarlett Johansson’s swansong as Natasha Romanoff.

However, in this week’s installment of the Disney+ series, Rick made a surprising brief cameo as a helping hand for Nick Fury.

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The one-eyed spy is now an internationally wanted man and needed Rick’s specific skills to safely pass through airport security in Finland.

The latter handed him the ‘Widow’s Veil’ to disguise himself, which itself was a nod to both Captain America and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The world of Twitter exploded into life when Rick returned, as many fans wondered if his character would ever appear on-screen again.

“Nice little connection to #BlackWidow in #SecretInvasion today to a character that I thought we’d never see again…” wrote another excited fan.

“Today’s cameo of #SecretInvasion left me SHOCKED, it was one of my fav characters in the #BlackWidow movie after researching about him,” read another tweet.

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Someone else added: “This Rick Mason cameo! I’m losing my mind! I thought we’d never see him again since the black widow movie”.

“It’s so cool that Rick Mason from Black Widow randomly popped up,” commented a Secret Invasion enthusiast. “Obviously a very small cameo in the grand scheme of things but it’s all connected. Also, I’m sorry Black Widow was underrated. Okay, bye.”

Meanwhile, Digital Spy awarded the series four stars in our review, which you can check out right here.

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