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TikTok Can’t Deal With Kylie Jenner Unearthing a $41K Rolex From the Bottom of Her Purse

“The Rolex…in the bag…just like that.

Kylie Jenner just did a casual ~what’s in my bag~ for fans on TikTok, and it was…whatever the opposite of relatable is, lol.

The video starts with Kylie showing off her favorite Bottega Veneta purse and saying, “This has been my go-to favorite bag of all time. This was the best investment. She is really pretty—it’s from Bottega. And she just fits everything. This is a really honest ‘what’s in my bag’ because I have not cleaned this bag or gone through this at all.”

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The first item Kylie pulled out is something we can all relate to: hand sanitizer (her own brand, naturally). But next on the list? Not so much. Kylie dug around in her bag and unearthed what appears to be a $41,500 gold Rolex watch. Which was literally just lurking at the bottom of her purse thanks to Stormi wearing it to a party.

“I have Stormi’s little watch in here,” Kylie mused. “It was actually my watch, but she wore it—look how small her wrist is! She wore it to a birthday party and she didn’t want to wear it anymore.”

Naturally, Kylie’s followers had a lot to say:

“The Rolex…in the bag…just like that. 😳😅”
“Stormi casually wearing a Rolex to a bday party. 😭”
“Stormi having a Rolex such a slay.”
“The casual Rolex watch thrown in the purse lol.”
“The possible scratches on that Rolex from being tossed around casually KILLS ME.”
“Wish my mum let me borrow her Rolex instead of giving me a Micky Mouse watch.”
“Lmao the first thing she pulls out is a Rolex I love her.”

Stay relatable, Kylie!

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