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Scarlett Johansson Allegedly Rocked By Unverified Colin Jost Cheating Rumor, Recent Gossip Says

A source implied Jost was seen without his A-lister wife.

Did Colin Jost cheat on Scarlett Johansson? One cover story believes the SNL funnyman may be in hot water over his wandering eye. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Did Colin Cheat?’

According to In Touch, Jost and Johansson’s blissful marriage has been rocked by rumors of infidelity. A gossip site posted a blind item about a cheating “comedian married to an A-list actress,” causing an avalanche of scrutiny to fall on Jost. A source says, “Scarlett and Colin are actually very private, and this is the first time they’ve been tested as a couple with rumors like this.”

The constant need to defend such a novel marriage is apparently hurting Jost and Johansson. The two have their routines, and the demands of Jost’s job mean he’s often absent. A source also points out, “He’s also surrounded by gorgeous, funny ladies at the office.” Jost often jokes about how Johansson is out of his league, and she’s admitted that she would not have even dated him in high school.

The outlet admits that the two share a sense of humor and a thick skin, otherwise, they wouldn’t weather these rumors. A source concludes, “If anything, these rumblings about cheating will only make them stronger.”

What’s Going On With Colin Jost?

The cover of this tabloid promises to tell readers “the truth about those cheating rumors!” This promises scintillating details of secret dates and betrayal, but what we get is far banaler. The story itself essentially shrugs and says the two are a strong couple. This is a huge bait-and-switch story that willfully suckers in readers with a story it has no intention of telling.

Much of this story is true. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have similar senses of humor, and they’re a fiercely private couple. The problem is it has no reason to exist. The gossip site in question is Deuxmoi, and it posts anonymous and almost universally obsequious tips all the time. Deuxmoi itself doesn’t stand by every single rumor and often posts rebuttals when they come in.

In Touch took a vague one about a comedian having an affair and went out of control with it. There’s no way to prove this random tipster was right, nor that they were even talking about Johansson and Jost in the first place.

There’s Some Bad History Here

This outlet loves to run stories about affairs. It reported Kristen Bell was cheating on Dax Shepard with some mystery man. She’s vehemently against open relationships or affairs, so that was false. It accused Brad Pitt of cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Alia Shawkat. That was wrong in too many ways to count.

In Touch has continued to claim Prince William had an affair behind Kate Middleton’s back with Rose Hanbury despite offering zero evidence to back this up. Affairs sell magazines, but you shouldn’t buy in when the track record is this lousy.

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