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‘The Continental’: Meet the Cast of the Upcoming ‘John Wick’ Prequel Series

The wildly popular John Wick franchise has had great success on the big screen. Now, a major piece of this world is coming to the small screen with a prequel series, The Continental. Slated to air on Starz later this year, the new series tells the story of the Continental hotel. This hotel is a place that John Wick fans know is the hotel that operates on a fringe, catering to some of the scariest bad guys and assassins.

The Continental limited series tells the story of events that occurred decades before the events of the original John Wick films occurred. Now, this premise is certainly exciting for not only John Wick fans specifically, but fans of the genre in general. And, to make it even more amazing, showrunners are putting together an amazing cast to star in the upcoming series.

The Continental will feature some characters we have already met in the film franchise. Although, since it’s a prequel, these characters will be portrayed by different actors. However, in addition to these already known characters, the Starz limited series will be introducing some new players to the John Wick universe as well.

‘John Wick’ Prequel Promises An Exciting Cast

So, who will we see in this new action series? How many new characters in The Continental is the series going to introduce? And, which characters from the films will be making appearances in the Starz limited series adaptation?

One character this new series will be highlighting is that of Winston Scott, the owner of the Continental Hotel’s New York location. Now, this being a prequel, Winston, who will be portrayed by Colin Woodell, is not yet the owner of the establishment when the series premieres. In fact, much of the series highlights how Winston rose to his station by the time Keanu Reeve’s John Wick came onto the scene.

Additionally, another key Continental character we have met in the film will be returning in the new series. This character? The Continental’s concierge, Charon. In the series, this character will be portrayed by Ayomide Adegun.

One big name coming to the upcoming Starz series is movie star Mel Gibson.

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Mel Gibson is slated to portray a character named Cormac in the upcoming series. As of now, little is known about this character. However, with a big name like Mel Gibson in the role, we know Cormac is very likely going to be a major character.

A Long List Of Players For the Starz Limited Series ‘Continental’

Actor Peter Greene will portray the role of Uncle Charlie in this long-awaited prequel. Uncle Charlie is one of the “cleaners” in the movie franchise, and generally a neutral character. It will be interesting to see what the prequel has in store for the character. Additionally, Katie McGrath will be portraying a character we met in John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum. This character, The Adjudicator, is a representative of the “high table.”

Other actors joining the cast of the prequel series include Jeremy Bobb; Mark Musashi; Marina Mazepa; Ray McKinnon; Adam Shapiro; Hubert Point-Du Jour; Jessica Allain; Mishel Prada; Nhung Kate, and Ben Robson. 

There is no official date for the release of The Continental. However, it is expected to hit airwaves sometime in 2022.

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