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Scarlett Johansson Says Colin Jost Is the First Partner She’s Had Who Uses Eye Cream

In an interview with InStyle, Scarlett Johansson jokes it's why husband Colin Jost looks so good on Saturday nights

Scarlett Johansson isn’t the only one bugging out over beauty in her household.

While discussing her new skincare product line, The Outset, which launches today, Johansson, 37, shared in an interview with InStyle that her husband Colin Jost is seemingly just as fond of skincare.

“He’s the first partner I’ve ever had that uses an eye cream,” Johansson told the publication of Jost. She added that the product works so well for her comedian husband that it’s the reason he looks “so good” on Saturday nights. (Jost has been a writer for Saturday Night Live since 2005 and hosts the bit, Weekend Update, alongside Michael Che.)

Johansson also told InStyle that Jost’s expertise proved useful when bringing The Outset to life as Jost, 39, served as a product tester. Johansson hilariously pointed out, however, that not all products went over well with Jost.

Recalling a time Jost tried a face mask, Johansson shared with InStyle: “I forgot to tell Colin it was self-warming, and he thought he was having a really crazy allergic reaction to it. He was like, ‘It’s spread and it’s melting off my face!’ He was completely freaking out.”

In addition to serving as a product tester, Jost, in a way, helped with promoting his wife’s new beauty brand.

Late last month, in preparation for the The Outset’s launch, Johansson shared multiple black-and-white photos on Instagram, including a shot of her own profile.

Jost who has been married to Johansson since 2020, spotted the snap and quipped in the comments, “Is this the best way to contact you? I’m starting a similar brand called “Part of a Face” and would love to use this photo. Thanks.”

Johansson first announced her upcoming beauty line last summer, when she teased her collaboration with business partner Kate Foster in an interview with Allure.

She also told the outlet at the time, “I created this brand to elevate clean, essential skin care. This will be a brand for everyone who wants their skin to look its best with minimal effort.”

While Johansson has served as the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrances and starred in a L’Oréal Paris campaign, she is forging her own path with the launch of The Outset.

“I’ve been the face of several luxury brands throughout my career, and all of those experiences were really wonderful,” Johansson told Vogue in a quote posted to her Outset Instagram account. “I guess I always felt that I was sort of playing a character in those campaigns, and as I evolved, I wanted to create and represent a brand that was true to me.”

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She echoed similar sentiments in her InStyle interview sharing: “It just no longer felt desirable to represent other people’s beauty ideals. I had a better sense of self and confident in my point of view in this space. [The decision to launch a beauty brand] mirrored my acting career in the sense that I wanted to take charge of my own career in a way.”

The Outset launched with five products — collagen serum, cleanser, moisturizer, night cream and eye cream. The line is available at and Sephora starting on April 26.

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