Gal Gadot

Top 5 looks of Gal Gadot being a badass

Gal Gadot's extremely cool and boss-like looks.

al Gadot has a superhero-worthy style! From her kick-butt role in Fast & Furious to her career-defining rendition as Wonder Woman, we adore the brunette beauty’s elegance, power, and brilliance on and off-screen.

And, thanks to a string of box office hits, the former Miss Israel has astonished us with her sophisticated-yet-sexy red carpet beauty and stylish acumen.

Whether she’s wearing jewels to the Oscars or an HBIC-worthy black tux to a movie premiere, the actress always seems to be having a good time with her fashion choices.

She is known for wearing beautiful, colorful gowns with sequins and beads on the red carpet. Is it necessary to remind you of the dazzling scarlet Givenchy gown she wore to the L.A. Film Festival? Wonder Woman premieres in May 2017? The Revlon ambassador, who works with Sabrina Bedrani on a daily basis, keeps her skin shining with a subtle sun-kissed contour. It’s the ideal dewy base for her to play around with bright flashes of color on her eyes, lips (a cherry pout has become a hallmark of hers), and cheeks.

She’s worn everything from sleek strands to elaborate updos in her hair. Renato Campora, her mane guy, keeps her raven-colored strands sparkling brightly like a diamond, regardless of the style. Have you seen those long, luscious tresses?

Gadot has experimented with her appearance throughout the years. Take, for example, the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. With an uber-short menswear-inspired fringed tuxedo jacket that she wore as a dress, she took a chance. Here are a couple of Gal Gadot’s daring outfits.

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