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Gal Gadot Wears the Famed Tiffany Diamond in Death on the Nile

Gal Gadot will wear the 128-carat Tiffany Diamond in Death on the Nile, an upcoming Agatha Christie murder-mystery adaptation.

Gal Gadot will wear the famous 128-carat Tiffany Diamond in Death on the Nile. Gadot herself is no stranger to the silver screen, where she’s appeared in movies such as Fast Five and Wonder Woman. More specifically, Wonder Woman 1984 – starring Gadot as the iconic superhero – is due to premiere in early October after delays due to COVID-19.

While Death on the Nile has also been delayed to an October 23 release date, this Agatha Christie murder mystery is still highly anticipated by both critics and fans alike. The film serves as a sequel to Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express and will follow Hercule Poirot, a detective who stumbles across a murder mystery while aboard a luxurious river cruise. The first trailer for Death on the Nile showcased both the advanced visual effects and the all-star cast, where Gadot stars alongside Armie Hammer, Letitia Wright, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Emma Mackey, and Russel Brand, among others.

THR highlights that the trailer also shows the legendary Tiffany Diamond making an appearance. The diamond’s long history with the silver screen stretches back to Audrey Hepburn, when the actress wore the diamond in a quick shot in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Since then, the diamond has been coveted by Hollywood stars, and was most recently worn by Lady Gaga at the 2019 Oscars. However, Tiffany & Co. has confirmed that the diamond will, in fact, play a significant role within Death on the Nile, rather than just acting as a statement piece.

In particular, the Tiffany Diamond’s worth cannot be understated. Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co.’s chief artistic officer, notes that the diamond is a “priceless symbol” that “rarely makes an appearance beyond its vault.” Ever since the rare yellow diamond was discovered in 1877 and later cut in Paris, the 128.54-carat stone has become one of the most famous and easily recognizable in the world. Although there’s some uncertainty around its estimated value, experts speculate that the Tiffany Diamond is well worth over $30 million.

The Tiffany Diamond is understandably one of the crown jewels of Tiffany & Co., although its role in Death on the Nile remains to be seen. For now, Tiffany & Co. has embraced its diamond’s starring role with fervor and is expected to release a curated jewelry line that draws inspiration directly from the film. That being said, while Death on the Nile will likely dazzle its audience, the Tiffany Diamond will undoubtedly be front and center.

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