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John Wick’s Greatest Ally Has a Perfect Reason For Supporting Him

Charon has been John Wick's greatest ally throughout every one of his missions in both the comics and the films and there is a good reason why that is

The greatest ally John Wick has throughout his film franchise has a perfect reason for supporting him, which was explained to fans in John Wick’s prequel comic series. Charon is the concierge at the New York City branch of the Continental Hotel and he is also John Wick’s greatest ally. Throughout the films, Charon consistently goes out of his way to help John Wick any way he can. While the movies don’t explain why Charon has taken such a liking to John, the prequel comic series describes exactly why the loyal Continental concierge is seemingly even more loyal to John Wick.

In the limited comic series John Wick by Greg Pak and Giovanni Velletta, fans are given a glimpse at John Wick’s life before the events of his first film along with the origin of some of his most important relationships. During the comic series, John Wick is on a personal mission to kill a group of gang members responsible for destroying John’s childhood town and killing more than fifty innocent bystanders in the process. While he is hunting down his targets, John Wick runs into an old acquaintance who soon after becomes his greatest ally.

While staying in a hotel in John Wick #1, John Wick looks out his window to see Charon in a room across from his looking back at him. Moments later, a group of armed assassins burst into Charon’s room and hold him at gunpoint. Without hesitation, John Wick leaps through his window and into Charon’s room, killing every single gunman who was threatening Charon and saving the concierge’s life in the process. From that moment on, Charon owed John Wick a life debt, one which he honors every time John needs some extra assistance.

While Charon was introduced in the first John Wick film, he didn’t become a particularly valuable personal ally to John until John Wick: Chapter 2. In the second film of the franchise, John Wick needs someone to watch his dog after he is forced out of retirement to carry out one last assignment. Charon tells John that the Continental does not cater to pets, but that he would be happy to personally take on the responsibility of watching John’s dog. In the third film, Charon finally pays John Wick back in full for saving his life by saving John’s life in return. After John becomes excommunicado, he is being pursued by assassins from all over the world. While running for his life, John barely makes it to Continental grounds, and even though the protection of the Continental is no longer available to him, Charon goes out of his way to stop the assassins from killing John.

While it was in Charon’s job description to stop the assassins from killing anyone on Continental grounds as fans saw in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, John only had a hand down on the property and could have just as easily been killed without any punishments coming down on those who killed him. However, because Charon owned John Wick his life, he was not going to let John die if he could do anything to stop it. After saving his life in the John Wick prequel comic book series, Charon became John Wick’s greatest ally.

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