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Fans gush over Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson’s selfie: ‘Glowing’

Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson have impressed fans with a fresh-faced selfie shared to social media.

The actors star together in the Sing movies and are currently taking part in promotions for the second film, Sing 2.

In the sweet selfie the stars are seen striking a pose together in what appears to be a dressing room, both smiling happily for the camera.

While Witherspoon, 45, is dressed in a sharp, black shirt, while Johansson, 37, looks Christmas-ready in a cosy, red jumper.

Both stars are sporting minimal make-up, putting their flawless skin front and centre, and while Witherspoon opted for a nude lip, Johansson gives a nod to the holiday season with a festive berry, red hue.

A second image posted by Witherspoon shows off the decorations done by the Sign 2 franchise with cutouts of the animated characters.

“A pig and a porcupine walk into a bar….@singmovie jokes!” Witherspoon wrote in the accompanying caption, referring to their animated characters from the film.

Reese Witherspoon attends the premiere of Sing 2 with daughter Ava Phillippe earlier this month. (Getty Images)

Of course it didn’t take long for fans to comment on the sweet selfie, praising the stars for their ageless looks.

“You two are literally glowing,” one fan wrote.

“Reese and Scarlett best underrated duo,” another agreed.

“Two Beauties,” another user wrote simply.

“Now there are two beautiful women with glowing smiles,” yet another fan commented.

The selfie share comes as Witherspoon made an appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of Sing 2, with her lookalike daughter Ava Philippe, 22.

As well as making fans believe they were seeing double, Witherspoon also gave an update on the next instalment of the Legally Blonde franchise.

Legally Blonde 3 was confirmed to be happening all the way back in 2018, but three years on and there’s been little news about the films progress, so it seems highly unlikely that the originally announced May 2022 release date will actually happen.

But on the red carpet during the Sing 2 premiere, Witherspoon offered some insight.

“We are just working on a script right now and when we have a script then we can make a movie,” she told Variety.

As for when that script will be ready, Witherspoon revealed she was leaving that to Mindy Kaling, who is writing it.

Scarlett Johansson attends the Sing 2 premiere earlier this month. (Getty Images)

Elsewhere Witherspoon recently revealed some of her skincare secrets, explaining that her skin has changed over various periods of her life.

“My skin texture has changed a little bit—it’s a little bit drier,” she told “I definitely struggle with brown spots, I think from pregnancy, and so I’m looking for products that are really effective for dark-spot treatment.

“Especially in the summer, they get darker since they come up with heat. But you know, moisturising, making sure the texture is very smooth, that’s really important for the base under the makeup, because the cameras now are so HD and there’s nowhere to hide.”

She also explained that she believes a healthy lifestyle can be an important factor in helping to maintain good skin.

“I do think it all goes together—you know, getting enough sleep, eating well,” she said. “I eat well the majority of the week, so I think that has a lot to do with it.

“One day a week, I get my cheat day, where I eat as much cake and pizza as I want, but I try to be pretty healthy the rest of the time. Exercise is a big piece and drinking a lot of water,” she added.

The actors have barely aged since being pictured together at the Sing premiere back in 2016. (Getty Images)

Meanwhile Johansson recently opened up about being a mum-of-two revealing that her daughter isn’t too enamoured with her new baby brother.

The Black Widow star welcomed her son Cosmo, with her husband Colin Jost, in August and has said her seven-year-old daughter Rose, whose father is Romain Dauriac, doesn’t seem bothered by the new addition to the family.

“She has a lot going on in her life. She’s got a very active social calendar, so she’s not as interested in the baby as, I don’t know, let’s say, like, any other thing really?” she said, during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The star went on to say her daughter has already reached an age in which she finds her mother embarrassing, particularly her habit of “exaggerating” everything.

“I do a little dance when the school bus pulls up, and she doesn’t like that,” the actor explains. “Of course, then I exaggerate it even further.”

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